1. Go to the Admin Console (this link will open in a new window so you can finish reading the instructions)

  2. In the box, enter moodtheme_create "Spike" "by sissi_blucas" and then click "execute".

  3. The next page says, "Success. Your new moodthemeid=#." This number is very important, so jot it down. Don't close this window!

  4. Open codes.txt

  5. Change all of the "####" numbers to that number you jotted down earlier.

  6. ALSO, make sure you change the urls to the images to where the files are located on your server!

  7. Go back to the browser window you left open. In the box under where it gave you your mood icon set number, copy and paste all the codes from codes.txt. (Remember that all the #### numbers should be changed to your mood theme number). Click "execute".
    • Note: In Notepad, there is a nice feature called Replace (Edit -> Replace). In the Find What: text box put ####, in the Replace What: text box put your new moodtheme #. You can do the same thing for the url address for the icons.

  8. If you did everything correctly the page should say, "Data Inserted" over and over. If something went wrong, it'll say, "Failed! You do not own this theme!" This just means somewhere down the line you've screwed up - go and start from the beginning.

  9. Now that you've finished all of that, go to the Modify Journal page.

  10. In the drop down menu where you usually pick your mood theme, choose "Cordelia Chase"; it's at the end of the list.

  11. Click "Save Changes".

  12. You're done! Don't forget to credit me (sissi_blucas) in your livejournal info!
  13. Thanks pamelajoy for this tutoria.