AntarianIsabel: Dr. Douglas Lavenstien had worked for Torchwood most of his career. He waas top of his class at Oxford, spent one year as a resident, and then he treated cybermen victims. He was immeadiately propositioned for Torchwood and at the time it all sounded so romantic.

Twenty two years later, he knew differently. After the fall of Torchwood One, Douglas was shuffled between buildings and agencies until they could rebuild. He thought about transfering out then but after reviewing his resume, he reconsidered. He couldn't put the top secret agency he worked for so he would have to get documents falsified. All of that seemed like too much work just to end up at some overworked understaffed community medical somewhere. He was almost 50. The time it would take to become chief of staff meant working into his 70s and the man just didn't want to work that hard.

So he bided his time at Torchwood, resenting the endless stream of ungrateful rift bastards that made his life more difficult. He was doing the public a service for god's sake. Just once, he would like a captive to keep that in mind. But somehow he doubted this... Maxwell Evans would be any different. Especially when he read the paperwork and found the words 'uncooperative' and 'hostile' highlighted. It was going to be a long day.

noblenotroyal: Max had hoped that they would leave him alone, he at this point didn't care if he stayed in a cell the rest of his life as long as he didn't have to go through any more tests. Though they weren't as bad as the white room, he still didn't welcome them,
AntarianIsabel: Their footsteps were heavy, Dr. Lavenstien and 2 orderlies Roger and Henry. The doctor didn't want waste any time. The sooner he took care of this captive the sooner he could retire to his office and leave the lab findings to his assistants. Looking up to check if it was the right cell, he said evenly "Maxwell Evans?"
noblenotroyal: He didn't answer, he actually pretended to be asleep, maybe if they thought he was asleep they would go away.
AntarianIsabel: The good doctor used his swipe card to open the cell and instructed the other men to go inside. "Mr. Evans?" he said louder this time trying to wake him. "Mr. Evans, it's time to go. Jesus, is he awake or what?" he said impatiently to the orderlies that were waiting on either side of the cot waiting for instruction. "Well, don't just stand there Henry. Poke him or something. I don't have all day!"
noblenotroyal: He just looked up at the men. "And people wonder why I fight you.." He muttered.
AntarianIsabel: "Oh good. You are awake." he said with dry sarcasm. "Come on. The sooner we start the soon we can get you back to your cozy little corner of Torchwood and you can terrorize whom ever you like." With a wave of his hand the orderlies reached for Max to pull him up to his feet.
noblenotroyal: He tried to back away, this time showing his fear as he tried to get away from them. Why wouldn't they just leave him alone?
AntarianIsabel: Since he really had no where to go Henry grabbed for Max's left arm leaving Roger to grab his right.
noblenotroyal: He fought their grasp, unable to use his powers now due to some drug they gave him. "Just stop please" he begged, anything to keep them from doing what he feared they would.
AntarianIsabel: Roger had to practically crawl on the man, to keep him from kicking. "He's stronger than he looks" Henry grunted as he tried to fend of Max's flailing.
noblenotroyal: He fought them the whole way, they finally had to strap him down and sedate him, different solution than what nearly killed Michael.
AntarianIsabel: "Thanks to you friend Mr. Guerin, we were able to cook this up. It doesn't have the same effect on the blood the other did. By our standards, its quite mild but we are still working out the dosage." Lavenstien pulled up his chart. "Dr. Pascall notes how uncooperative you are. Considering no one likes these tests you must have really put her through something." He leaned in close enough for his coffee and cigar breath to waft over Max's face. "You wouldn't want to try that with me, son. I'm not as nice as Dr. Pascall."

Stepping back, he looked back down at the chart making mental notes at the tests still left to perform as his assistants entered the room. "So..." he started cheerfully as though his previous threat never happened. "It looks like we have a full day ahead of us."

noblenotroyal: he groaned drowsly, trying hard to keep his eyes open. "Not..enemy...just...kid..." said in a slurred drunken tone.
AntarianIsabel: "Well, that just remains to be seen, Mr. Evans. Damn! I think we will have to lower the dosage a bit. I need him conscious." Reaching over, he smacked the boy firmly but not hard. "Stay with us, son. I don't want to chance a steriod."

Ellie, his senior assistant, readied the electrical equipment. They were going to use electricity to test muscle response.

noblenotroyal: Max didn't know why they were beung so horrible with him, he didn't do anything to them so why were they being so harsh? WHen he felt the slap he jolted, but couldn't move, but he still had to try..
AntarianIsabel: He spouted orders to his assistants as they set up the first series of tests. The kid was moving around so Douglas knew he was at least awake but it was tricky getting the pads on the right location because everytime he went to administer the low level electricity Max would buck. "We are going to have to up the charge. I can't tell if his muscles are reacting from the electricity or if he is doing it himself."

Ellie gave the doctor a quizical look but moved the dial to increase the charge. This test wasn't supposed to hurt but at the current level it wouldn't be comfortable. Dr. Lavenstien placed the wands on either side of Max's thigh and then hit the switch.

noblenotroyal: before he could say anything he let out a yell, the current actually hurting him. "Ok OW" He shouted, now completely awake.
AntarianIsabel: "Ready to stop moving then?" the doctor snarked and then nodded to his assistant who lowered the charge again.
noblenotroyal: "Wouldn't move if you would stop." he said
AntarianIsabel: Douglas put a hand on his hip. "Listen son, I could think of plenty of things I would rather do then sitting here fighting you on this but we need to document your reactions should you go mad and decide to hurt people." He punctuated his last words by placing the wand to the boy's abdomen and hit the switch.
noblenotroyal: "Because that's my goal in life" he muttered.
noblenotroyal: as he did that Max let out another yell pulling against the restraints
AntarianIsabel: He brought his stethiscope to Max's chest. "Reaction normal to lower appendages. Note just one heart." He said to the assistant observing and taking notes. "And how should I know what your goals are," he tapped Max's chest "You could be wanted for murder where you are from. Wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Heard that sister of yours got brought in on murder charges."
noblenotroyal: "That was a mistake" He said. "Leave Isabel out of this" he added fighting against the restraints again.
AntarianIsabel: Dr. Lavenstien laughed sardonically. "Calm down, son. Obviously, she checked out if she works here. Though she was as much a pain in the ass as you are now. Must be something ingrained in the species."

Handing the wands off to Ellie, he moved over Max's and clicked his pen light on as he looked into first the right eye and then the left

noblenotroyal: "No, she's just smart" he said as he closed his eyes.
AntarianIsabel: With a heavy breath he used his poiter finger and thumb to pry his eyes open. "Oh yes. So smart she ended up in medical after running head first into an energy field. Signs of genius that one."

Reaching on the table behind him, he grabbed a syringe and a band. Ellie banded Max's arm as Lavenstien lowered the needle in order to extract blood.

noblenotroyal: He groaned when he did that. "My sister is smarter than anyone gives her credit for..." Why he was defending Isabel he didn't know, but no one but himself had the right to insult her...
AntarianIsabel: "Son, you don't have to defend her to me. It's no secret to anyone the fight you two had. Hell, the nurses whispered about it for days as she performed her little sit in. Besides, its not like she is your real sister or anything." The man commented as he drew the blood sample. Handing it to Ellie, he grabbed the chart and scanned it.
noblenotroyal: Something in him ignited and he looked at the doctor. "No matter what world I am in, Isabel Evans will always be my sister." He said his eyes narrowing.
AntarianIsabel: Lavenstien's face grew serious. He didn't need some punk rift freak talking to him in that voice. Roughly putting his fingers to the boy's throat he looked at his watch to get a pulse. "She already has a brother here. Where is he in all this? How do you even know that she wants you around? Seems to me, that she did a whole lot less blubbering in hallways before you showed up. Must just be the effect you have on women."

Taking a cylindrical glass tube he placed it to Max's skin as he filled it with water and used a long blunt scrapper and swished it around inside the tube for a bacteria sample.

noblenotroyal: "Maybe you should worry more about yourself and less about our lives." He said as the doctor did whatever the hell he was doing. Granted this hurt less than the other tests, but it was kind of creepy.
AntarianIsabel: Sucking the water out of the tube, the doctor handed the eyedropper looking tool off to Ellie and wiped the area dry. "I would love to. Just as soon as your family squables stop making their way into my medical ward."
noblenotroyal: He just rolled his eyes and didn't say another word. This doctor had no clue, it was obvious.
AntarianIsabel: Lavenstien called the orderlies back in. Max was going to need to be moved to a different room and strapped down there. The following tests were to measure stress and his ability to perform in a high impact enviroment. "Bring him to the other room." Lavenstien grumbled and practically shoved the chart at Ellie.
noblenotroyal: "Just stop" he begged. His annoyance was fading, now he was just scared of what they were going to do.
AntarianIsabel: The doctor ignored his pleas as he walked ahead as the orderlies dragged Max from one room to the other. "Over there." he pointed to the chair. The men followed orders and put him in the chair and started strapping him down again. The room around them was ominous in appearance. The black and white wallpaper almost made the eyes cross to look at it and the white tile was replaced by black. Ellie wheeled a machine in front of Max's chair that had a screen and a sensor was attached to Max's finger. "Everytime this machine shows repeating images, you tap you finger. It will not register if you are too slow and it will repeat the same sequence until you are able to catch them all." Lavenstien placed his hand on the switch and before Max could even react the machine started rapid firing shapes and images.
noblenotroyal: he tried, but none of the images looked the same, or maybe they did, or maybe it was all a blur either way it was upsetting to him and it started to make him mad. "Just STOP" he cried out
AntarianIsabel: Douglas sat on the corner of the table and sighed. "The test will continue until you complete the task. Just do it and we can get out of here, kid. It's that simple."
noblenotroyal: "For you" he said growing more upset as the test continued.
AntarianIsabel: Lavenstien turned to Ellie. "How many cycles?" she replied. "So far 3 but he has stopped responding." The man got up and walked over to Max. Taking the boy's pulse quickly, he moved back to his previous position. "You are fine. Continue."
noblenotroyal: "Make it stop" he yelled flashes of what happened in the white room now taking over, the images no longer registering.
AntarianIsabel: Rolling his eyes, Lavenstien motioned for the orderlies. "He's become agitated. Take him to his cell. We will give him a chance to calm down but Mr. Evans, we will be back for you. You are far from over."
noblenotroyal: He didn't reply, just laid there, waiting for them to do whatever they were going to do.
AntarianIsabel: Quickly removing the restraints, Henry and Roger lifted him from the chair and dragged him back to his cell. Lavenstien glanced at his watch. "Bloody hell. I should have been out of here 20 minutes ago. Stupid wanker." he grumbled to Ellie who seemed unfazed. "Make sure he ready first thing tomorrow."
noblenotroyal: he curled up in the floor of his cell, his brain working overtime.
AntarianIsabel: He was left alone in his cell for about 45 minutes before Isabel came. Her job made it impossible for her to avoid the cells but she had asked someone else to handle Max and Michael. She didn't know know if she was up to dealing with either one of them. However, she heard Max got Lavenstien today and the man was as much a prick as he was brilliant. She had to suck it up and check on her brother.

Slowly coming into view, she looked down at him. "Hey" she said softly.

noblenotroyal: He just laid there, unmoving, except for the momentary gaze to Isabel then looked back down. "Still happy working here?"
AntarianIsabel: Silently she moved to the door and let herself in. "He's a bastard but he's smart. Are you okay?"
noblenotroyal: "Peachy" he said simply as he finally pulled himself to sit up.
AntarianIsabel: She leaned on the back of the door. "What tests did they give you today? The electrical one?"
noblenotroyal: "Look, I know you enjoy your job with torture inc, but I would rather not talk about what he did if you don't mind."
AntarianIsabel: Biting her lip, she ventured in the room. Isabel knew all this would be hard on Max and maybe she should have been around more but she was being a coward and hiding behind Michael's condition. It wasn't something she was proud of or would admit to but it had been a hard couple of days. "Look Max. I know that you hate all this and you hate it more because of me and I am sorry but no matter what you may think right now this is necessary."
noblenotroyal: He looked up at her, broken, a look Isabel may have never seen from him, if at least not for years. "You know I am not a threat..." he whispered, all the hate he had in him washed away by the terror of the memories of the white room.
AntarianIsabel: A lump formed in her throat and she kneeled down next to him but not too close. "I know." she croaked.
noblenotroyal: He curled back up on the floor, his head this time resting just beside her hip.
noblenotroyal: "Please..." he whispered "Not another day of this."
AntarianIsabel: Her lip trembled ever so slightly as she gazed down at her brother. Before she could think better of it, she lowered her hand to the side of his head and stroked it softly. In her head she tried to think of anything she could do. Maybe she could requested a different doctor for him or maybe if she explained the circumstances to someone they would stop. The idea was to study not traumatize. "I'll do what I can. I promise." she whispered.
noblenotroyal: He seemed to relax as she did that. "Thank you.." he whispered. "You're not her...I know you aren't..I'm sorry..." He added as a backwards apology to how he initially treated her.
AntarianIsabel: The breath she had been holding came out and she squeezed her eyes shut. "It's okay. I don't blame you."
noblenotroyal: He looked up at her. "He doesn't like you.." topic switching back to the doctor.
AntarianIsabel: Isabel glanced down at him. It took her a moment to realize who he was talking about. "Lavenstien?" she scoffed. "I should say not. I sort of... hurt him during my testing."
noblenotroyal: "Good" he whispered.
AntarianIsabel: She gently dragged her nails through his longer hair. He really needed a trim or something. "Was it really bad?"
noblenotroyal: "Just too many memories" he said as he clung to her.
AntarianIsabel: Sitting down fully, instead of on her legs she moved his head to her lap and scratched his head gently. She could only imagine what he had been through but part of her was selfishly thankful. Whatever pain the day brought, it also brought Max closer to her.
noblenotroyal: "Did you fall through the rift?"
noblenotroyal: he asked wondering how she got to where she was.
AntarianIsabel: Isabel shook her head slightly "No. I'm from here. Well, not from here from here. Not London obviously but this is my world."
noblenotroyal: "Does that mean?" He started to ask something, but stopped.
AntarianIsabel: "Does that mean what?" she encouraged.
noblenotroyal: "That there is another me here?" he asked finally
AntarianIsabel: She looked down at him. "Yes there is. He's still in the States with Michael and his family."
noblenotroyal: "Family?" Seemed like such a foreign concept to him now.
AntarianIsabel: "Yeah. You... he married Liz and they have 2 boys. One is 3 and the other is under a year."
noblenotroyal: "So...he's happy?"
AntarianIsabel: "Max got everything in the world he could possibly want..." she said with just the tiniest hint of bitterness before sighing. "That's no true. They are still on the run. He can't settle for too long because of the UNIT but I'm hoping to get that worked out for him through Torchwood. I don't know how far their reach is but I'll bring them all to England if I have to."
noblenotroyal: "You can be happy too" he whispered, relaxing in her arms. "what exactly happened here?"
AntarianIsabel: "What do you mean?"
noblenotroyal: "Well obviously Liz is alive here, so is Maria, so...what happened? why are they on the run?"
AntarianIsabel: Isabel pressed her lips together and looked up. "The more people we brought in the more dangerous it became for all of us. And then Tess came back. She brought the UNIT right to our door. She was trying to save your son but the damage was done. Even when she sacrificed herself, it only bought us a little time. We were on everyone's radar. Jesse tried to help with what he could but when Liz started seeing into the future, she was us dead and it was time to go. We left Roswell after your... Max's graduation and none of us have been back since. We could even chance a phone call or risk or parents."
AntarianIsabel: *couldn't
noblenotroyal: he sat up, a little too fast, and looked at her. "Wait I had a son? and Liz, the future? and who is Jesse?"
AntarianIsabel: That's right he didn't know any of this because for him everything changed before they attempted to go to Antar. She shook her head. "Sorry. Uh, yes. When Tess was pregnant before we tried to go home, she gave birth to a son. He wasn't alien, Max. He was completely human so the deal she made with Khivar to go home was invalid. She came back to Earth to save the baby. There was never anything wrong with the atmosphere. She mind warped you to think the baby couldn't live here so we would agree to go with her. We stayed when we found out she killed Alex. Well, you and I did. Michael stayed for Maria before we even knew about her deal."

She took a breath and continued. "After you saved Liz, she started changing. It was like part of you mixed with her DNA and over time she developed some of our powers but to a lesser degree and completely uncontrolled. She learned to 'push', Max. But the really trippy thing was the psychic stuff. She could touch people and see their future. You guys saved a woman she saw about to be mugged and then she saw things about us. Max, Michael, her and me. She saw us dying in an ambush. We managed to escape but we knew we couldn't stay." When she was done she ran a hand through her hair and waited for what she said to sink in.

noblenotroyal: He would have paced the cell if he wasn't feeling so faint. "So Tess is dead, I have a son out there, and Liz and Maria are alive..." he said this to try and grasp it. "Who is Jesse?" he asked again trying to get her to stop avoiding that question.
AntarianIsabel: "Liz and Maria are fine. Tess is dead, yes. And Jesse... Jesse was my husband." she said quietly.
noblenotroyal: "You were married?" he asked "What happened?" He asked, but the sadness didn't quite seem convincing.
AntarianIsabel: She sighed. "We got a divorce. I wanted to tell him about us but I was outvoted. I think I knew I would be. It was too dangerous sharing our secret. But I wanted a life with him so I lied. It was doomed from the start. The dreams, the lies, Khivar, and then I was shot and you weren't there to save me. Michael had to tell him what I was and he freaked. Obviously, I recovered but my marriage wouldn't. Jesse moved out. He wanted to love me like he did but it was a lot for him to take in. It would be a lot for anyone. When we left Roswell, he wanted to come but I told him no. He was a great lawyer and an amazing man. He didn't deserve our life and it was unfair to bring him in. Still, he made me promise that I would track him down in Boston when the coast was clear. I think we both thought it would months not years and by the time we made it there, he had fallen in love with someone else. He still wore his ring though. He was stopping himself from finding happiness with her because me so I filed for divorce. I had to let him go." With a shakey breath she shifted and put on a brave face. "It was really for the best."
noblenotroyal: Now it was time for Max to comfort Isabel. Pulling her into his arms he ran his hand over her back. "I'm sorry..." He said, it was genuine though he was glad he didn't have to kick some guy's ass.
AntarianIsabel: Resting her head on his shoulder, she hugged him back. "It's fine. I'm fine. I promise." she meant it. "It was really hard at first but I know it was the right thing to do. And think if I had stayed in Boston, I wouldn't here now."

She pulled back slowly and looked at Max. "I know you hate this place but its beginning to feel like home to me. More so even. Some of the people... they have been so incredible. Caitlen, Willow, Giles, Ed..." she smiled. "I can't wait for you to meet Ed."

noblenotroyal: His eyes narrowed. "Ed? Who is Ed?" The brotherly distrust was kicking in now.
AntarianIsabel: She saw the look in his face and reconsidered. It was just going to be her arguement with Michael all over again. But why should she feel like she is doing something wrong. Wanting a relationship isn't wrong. So she took a deep breath and just told him the truth. "Edward Elric is the man I've been seeing."
noblenotroyal: "Man?" he asked. "How old?" Yes, he was going to protect her, no matter how different they were.
noblenotroyal: were now*
AntarianIsabel: "He's about your age but you don't have to be defensive. He's... he's amazing. I met him when I helped his brother Al. We far together during the invasion and we just... hit it off." She wanted so much for Max and Michael to like Ed but if their typical reaction was anything to go by that may take a while. Even now, Isabel was pretty sure that her Max and Michael still didn't trust Jesse, even after all this time.
AntarianIsabel: fought*
noblenotroyal: He sighed "And how do you know that you can trust him?"
AntarianIsabel: Her arms went around her waist protectively. "How do I know I can trust you? I just do, Max. You don't think I haven't dreamwalked him. He's got so much more going on than my not so human status. Besides, I'm not even the first alien he has been close to."
noblenotroyal: He moved closer to her, his hands on her arms. "Be careful..." He said. "Please."
AntarianIsabel: She looked up at him and after a moment she pulled him into a hug. "I am. I promise I am. You and Michael really don't have to worry. Ed is so sweet, polite, and I know you would like him if you met. I didn't think it was possible but I found someone that moves even slower than I do." she said with a chuckle and started to release him.
noblenotroyal: "Don't count on Michael liking him." He said "And I am supposed to hate him."
AntarianIsabel: She sighed heavily and looked down. "I just... I don't understand. I didn't go out of my way to hate Liz or Maria. I was worried because it had just been the three of us and suddenly they knew but I didn't hate them. I didn't interrogate or gather blood samples. Please, PLEASE, don't treat him like a criminal when you meet him. The only thing that Ed has done wrong is like me."

She ran her hand through her hair and chewed on her lip a bit. "And maybe you can talk to Michael. I tried but..." she looked away. "it didn't go so well."

noblenotroyal: "Thats because he won't like anyone you date.." He wasn't going to outwardly say that Michael had feelings for her, but max wasn't oblivious to them.
AntarianIsabel: Isabel huffed and stood up. "God! I wish Tess never showed us that stupid book. You are my brother so it almost makes sense for you to be stupidly overprotective but Michael..." she paced. "I don't belong to him. I'm not anyone's property. He can't treat me that way. I don't care what that STUPID book said."
noblenotroyal: "It isn't that..." He said stopping her. "Calm down."
AntarianIsabel: Her face was still red with anger as she looked away and stopped pacing. "He won't even talk to me." she said sadly. "He won't be happy until I die alone. The Michael I grew up with was no better. But I've got some news for all of you from this world or any other, You can't tell me who to care about. And you guys even try to give Ed a hard time, you will have to deal with me."
noblenotroyal: "Isabel..." he said as he made her look at him. "Are you just clueless? You used to yell at me about being this clueless."
AntarianIsabel: She jerked away from him. "No. I get it Max. Its unsafe to tell anyone about us. Its dangerous and unnecessary unless it is you or Michael doing the telling. I'm the traitor, right? Can't possibly trust my opinion of the guy. Just like you could trust my opinion of Alex or Grant or Jesse. Well, Its too late. He already knows and the next time I see him, he's going to know everything. There won't be a single secret left between us. Not one."
noblenotroyal: "God Isabel.." he said "He cares about you, he has cared more about you than ANYONE since the day you two found your way back to each other..till the day we found him again." Max said.
AntarianIsabel: "So that means he can't be happy for me? That he can't trust me?" she asked angrily.
noblenotroyal: "It means he is JEALOUS" Max shouted
AntarianIsabel: Almost involentarily, she took a step back and just stared at him. "What?"
noblenotroyal: "He loves you Isabel, and is jealous of this Ed..." he added.
AntarianIsabel: She couldn't have looked more confused if she tried. "No..." she shook her head "No. I asked him. I asked him what he wanted YEARS ago and he wouldn't answer and he stayed Max. He stayed for Maria. You're wrong." she said swallowing hard.
noblenotroyal: "I am not wrong, and when has Michael EVER admitted his feelings?"
AntarianIsabel: "When he told Maria that he would always love her. When he asked her to marry him. I may have been his mate, Max, but she was his love. It was like Liz and Tess for you. I came to terms with that a long time ago."
noblenotroyal: "You are talking about YOUR Michael, the michael I know is different Is." he said. "You are comparing apples to...hell Oranges is not different enough to get my point across."
AntarianIsabel: Looking away with only here eyes, she found it hard not to blush. "Were... were Michael and your Isabel together?"
noblenotroyal: He shook his head. "No..he was too damn stubborn and she...well I am sure he gave you details on what happened."
AntarianIsabel: "I saw it..." she said crossing her arms.
noblenotroyal: "He hated what happened..but he couldn't ever hate you or her..or...well you know what i mean."
AntarianIsabel: Her lips parted slightly as she pulled her arms more tightly around herself. Isabel remembered questioning his reaction to seeing her when he woke up. What she saw in his head made her physically ill yet he was happy to see her. Slowly she moved over to the cot and sat down. But he stayed... she just repeated over and over finally dropping her head into her hands.
noblenotroyal: "breathe Isabel" he said as he moved to set next to her.
AntarianIsabel: Once he mentioned something, she realized how tight her chest was and labored her breathing was coming out. Inhaling through her nose and out through her mouth, she was able to calm down a bit. But once she could think again her eyes welled up. "How does this always happen to me?"
noblenotroyal: "What?" he asked trying not to laugh.
AntarianIsabel: She covered her face with her hands. It was like her wedding but worse. Then it had only been Khivar to confuse her and she was drawn but she didn't love him. Michael was something else entirely. It had been hard for her to watch him with Maria but when he was happy, he was SO happy and Isabel didn't want to ruin that for him. After Alex died she was so lost. She wanted to go to Michael but he had made his choice and it wasn't her. Then Jesse waas there to pick up the pieces. She wanted so desperately to prove that she could find love the way they did. After her divorce, seeing them all so happy and in love was too much. So she left. She left without ever telling Michael anything. It just couldn't be possible Michael could have wanted her. It couldn't. All that time wasted.

Oh god! What about Ed? The tears that threatened to fall finally did as she sobbed softly into hands. Khivar was right. She was going to destroy him.

noblenotroyal: Max leaned forward and whispered. "Calm down...Worry about you being happy, its about time one of us is."
AntarianIsabel: Sniffing, she looked up with tear soked eyes. "Oh god, Max. You have to be wrong." She buried her face into his shoulder. "Someone always gets hurt. Always. Why do I hurt people?" she whispered. Either Michael or Ed was going to be miserable and it would be her fault. It was always her fault. Logan was wrong. She was cursed.
noblenotroyal: He pushed her back and made her look into his eyes. "Stop! You are not cursed!"
noblenotroyal: You do not hurt people*
AntarianIsabel: She pulled back, her eyes looking a little crazy as they darted around the room. "No. No, this isn't my fault. This is Michael's fault." she said firmly making eye contact. "I asked him what he wanted. When I thought I was pregnant, I asked him and he wouldn't answer. Why wouldn't he answer? I can't do this." she said as her breath became short again. "Ed loves me. He loves me. And I..." Did she love him back? Maybe she did. It was all so new and with everything that had been happening she just didn't know. She thought so.
noblenotroyal: "Don't make me slap you, I have never slapped you but if I have to now I will." He said "Differen't Michael...don't make me remind you of this again."
AntarianIsabel: That's right it was a different Michael. Her breathing slowed. He didn't love her. He loved the other Isabel. He barely knew her. She brought her eyes up to Max's. "He's a different Michael. I'm different Isabel." she sighed in relief. "He can't love me. I'm not her. He loved her." Pulling Max into a quick hug, she kissed his cheek and stood up. She needed to talk to Michael. It was just residual feelings left over for a person that she looked just like.
noblenotroyal: "God you are more insane than she ever was" he muttered as he hugged her.
AntarianIsabel: Isabel grinned and moved toward the door. "You are probably right. But then again, we are different people." Everytime she said it she felt a bit better. It would be okay. She would talk to Michael. Make him see. She wouldn't have to hurt anyone. "I have to go. I'm sorry I cried on you but thank you."